The Story of This Website

In December 2012, both my husband and the Associate Pastor of our community church came to see me within two days of one another for one and the same reason. Both asked me to think seriously about getting my own website so that more people would have access to my writings. They both said that they thought that it was important that I do so.

Honestly, the idea didn’t appeal to me at all. I was not the least bit interested in spending my time learning the technical aspects of maintaining a website and then even more time actually doing so. But something about the expressions on their faces and the tone that I heard in their voices led me to conclude that I needed to do as advised. Soon thereafter, with my husband’s help, this website was up and ready to go in early January 2013.

At that time, an idea came to me that I should write about a specific event that had just taken place in my life, and so I did. That story, titled “The Lesson of the Email,” was posted purposefully by me on Sunday, January 20, 2013, for the website’s “official” launching. Only after that had been done, did I then receive a remembrance about another distinct event in my life that again was made known to me as being the next true story that I was to immediately write and then post. This time, though, when the story received the title of “The Lesson of the Fawn,” I received the understanding that I was writing a series of lessons that would be my sixth book. The lessons were not to be posted on Sundays, as the first one had been in dedication to God, but only on Fridays. Thus, “The Lesson of the Fawn” was posted on Friday, February 1, 2013.

Every other week, for forty-eight weeks, a different event from my life was brought to mind to become the story that I then told next. As I would write out the facts of the stories, biblical parallels to the events that I had actually experienced would be shown to me and included in the writing. Every other Friday, then, another finished Lesson (chapter) was posted on this website, without fail. By the end of the year, The Lessons of the Cross—the sixth book of The Cross Series—was complete.

Though the book is now also available in print, it remains and will remain online, here on this website. Why? To honor and glorify God by simply telling the Truth, letting the world know:

This Is What Happened. 

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