Ch. 3 – The Progression

Less than two years after our first move, my husband accepted a work transfer that led us to a new home in a neighboring state, as well as a new church home. Over the next several years, with the births of our two sons, we soon found ourselves doing our fair share of nursery duty at church each Sunday. Then, as our boys grew, we remained right there with them, teaching one grade level of children’s Sunday school after another. We even took on the challenge of leading (corralling?) the pre-teen youth group for a year.

That particular church at that time was comprised of mostly young families who were much like us in every regard. Soon we were attending weekly Family Night Suppers, where we made some lifelong friends. The women there invited me to join the women’s circle that was designed for young moms, as I then was. There I participated in the short Bible study that was a regular part of their meetings.

Though these activities may not sound like much, they were important to me. In those years, the church itself began to feel like my local family.

My stay-at-home years before our boys were old enough to attend school were important for another reason, as well. Those were the years in which I began to regularly tune in our television to watch Christian programming:  the original Superbook program for the boys and the 700 Club for me. Both shows aired on CBN’s (Christian Broadcasting Network) Family Channel.

Much of my early Christian education came through Christian television programs. Beginning with the 700 Club, I then began watching other Christian programs also as they had become available in our area. Eventually, I developed my own list of favorites that includes quite a variety of Christian pastors.

But back in the beginning when I had so little knowledge or understanding of God, I can vividly remember a time when I was truly perplexed about Jesus. I recall, standing in my bedroom, asking three important questions of myself that I could not answer.

  • Why is it important that Jesus is God’s Son?
  • Why is the Blood of Jesus important?
  • Why is it important that Jesus died on a cross?

Though I didn’t understand, God did; and that is all that mattered in the end; But know this:  Until I asked God my questions, God had no questions to answer.

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