Who I Am

I am ____________,
a child of the One true God.
God made me to be exactly as I am,
and He teaches me to be more like Him.

He loves me, no matter what I do and what I don’t do,
and He teaches me to love others in the same way.
He shares all that He has with me, taking care of me,
and He teaches me to help others by sharing with them.

He likes for me to spend time talking to Him,
and He listens carefully to every word that I say.
He helps me to make good decisions when I don’t know what to do,
and He wrote all about Himself in the Bible so that I can know Him better.

God is always with me, even when my mom and dad can’t be,
and I will always be His Child, no matter how old I may be.
He wants me to be with Him so much that He sent Jesus,
just to show me how important I am to Him.
Now I can live with Him and the rest of His Family forever.

He is my Heavenly Father, the perfect Dad,
and He loves me forever, exactly as I am.

[From author:  Feel free to copy, personalize with name and give to children of all ages]

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