I Am a Disciple

I am now a Disciple, for I answered the call
of my Lord, my God, my Savior,  my All.

I have willingly turned my back on my past,
forgiving and loving from the first to the last.

I listen and follow as I worship and pray,
and He gives me power for every new day.

He teaches, He heals and He sets people free.
O Lord, you do all of that saving me!

I wonder and muse, now that I am that woman or man,
who lives in the Kingdom that is now at hand,

That I cast out demons, that I lay on my hands,
that the sick really recover by God’s Holy Plan;

That I live in the Hope that was given to me,
when He carried the Cross, when He hung on the Tree.

He poured out His Blood, I couldn’t ask anymore.
He showed me the Way, He opened the Door.

It was my choice alone, and I chose to walk in,
not to stand on the outside with scoffers who grin.

For I saw the Light of the Empty Tomb shine
on Christ in God’s Glory for eternal time.

God did what He did:  He rolled back the Stone,
so that I live without doubt, so I am never alone.

I now do as Christ does, setting all others free,
for the Lord now lives in me…

Empowering me to freely give,
as I freely believe and receive.

from The Power of the Cross ©  2011
revised 2014
by Cathy Scott

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