God is, indeed, a most great and good God—One who loves to fulfill the desires of our hearts. Even when our hearts desire things that have only extrinsic value, God doesn’t stand in our way but lets us go after them, knowing that they won’t satisfy us for long.

But when the desires of our hearts are the same as the desires of God for us, then God is pleased to give us all that we need so we can have all that God wants for us.

 But when the desire of our heart is to personally know God Himself then God loves nothing more than to reveal some part of Himself to us. Here then is the portion of my story when God gave me just such an experience with Him.

In January 2007, I was alone, standing on a few square feet of floor in an auditorium during the final closing moments of a faith conference in my former home town in South Carolina. With my head bowed and my hands clutching the back of the empty seat in front of me, tears ran down my cheeks as I cried out to God in my heart and mind. I implored God, wanting so badly to taste the joy of knowing God that I had seen in other people. I wanted nothing more than to know God firsthand, and not have to be satisfied with just hearing about Him.

On that day, God heard my prayer and responded in a way that I never expected. Suddenly, God was there, allowing me to tangibly feel Him. God wasn’t beside me; nor was He above me, nor behind me, nor all around me. Incredibly, God was there in me, filling me with an unforgettable awareness of His loving Presence.

Know then that God answered my heart-cry, and He’ll answer yours.

Cathy Scott
Introduction to The Life of the Cross
May 2020


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