Communion is an act of remembrance given by Jesus to His followers. The evening before He was crucified, in anticipation of His departure from this world, Jesus broke the bread and presented the wine. Symbolically, the two elements represent, respectively, His body and blood. But in essence, they convey volumes about Jesus… about our God.

Following the Last Supper, on that final evening before His crucifixion, Jesus offered the bread and the wine to His best friends on Earth. These men, knowing the most about Jesus, would have the greatest memories of Him after He had to leave them. They would be the ones who would recall, in private moments, details of their lives with Jesus that they would share, not only with one another in camaraderie, but also with the world. They would be the ones least likely to forget a single moment of their lives with Jesus. Yet, they are the men to whom Jesus said, “Remember.”

The act of Communion, never intended by Jesus for those men alone, would be shared by all men and women who would also one day have an intimate relationship with Jesus. In a morsel of bread and a taste of wine, God wrapped up the entire story of man’s relationship with Him, for all to know.

The bread and the wine tell more than a story. They tell the Story of our great God’s desire to share His existence with His creation, which came from Him. They tell the Story of unbounded goodness and the Story of eternal perfection. They tell the Story of a plan, the Story of provision and the Story of purpose. They tell the Story of freedom and fulfillment, the Story of great faith and even greater faithfulness. They tell the Story of grace and mercy, the Story of salvation. They tell the Story of God’s limitless love for each specifically created individual.

Only God could pack so much into something so small. In communion, God has encapsulated the entirety of HIs Story, scripted from beginning to end by Him and inclusive of each person’s encounters with Him. Made to be God’s conveyor of remembrance, every taste of the communion bread and wine carry Truth into the future. Each time that we accept communion in remembrance, the Story of Truth–the Story of God—is retold, recalling the Story from new perspective. Every sip from the bottomless cup and every morsel of the self-replenishing bread increase remembrance, enhancing our personal stories—our intimate relationships with God that are created by Him—for everlasting communion with Him.

In turn, greater communion enhances remembrance in our hearts and minds, enabling us to share the Story from new positions of greater intimacy with God. In more intimate sharing of the Story, greater intimacy with one another is attained, drawing us closer to God and each other in new awareness of His Presence.

The experience is repeated each time that we minister to others in the Name of Jesus. In doing as Jesus does and speaking as Jesus speaks, we bless everyone as God so blesses, furthering the Story’s remembrance. Then as the Truth of Jesus is further revealed both in us and through us, others are drawn deeper into the same communion with Jesus that Jesus Himself draws us into with Him. Following Jesus more closely is the blessing that gives us both greater remembrance and  deeper communion. In this, we the created become a little more like our good Creator.

Opportunity for intimacy with God is God-created. It is part of His design. His plan has always included salvation by grace to bring us into ever more intimate communion with Him. Communion is not only a part of the Story, but the Story’s fulfillment, glorifying God alone. In remembrance, God is glorified as the Story is revealed in us; in communion, God is glorified as the Story is revealed to us; and in ministering, God is glorified as the Story is revealed through us. God is always the One exalted by His Story. As we lift God, magnifying Him, He lifts us to a higher level of awareness, drawing us closer to Him. Communion breeds remembrance, and remembrance breeds communion.

The complexity of God’s design is so vast that man could never have thought of it. Yet the simplicity of its implementation through the duplication of God’s love by the repetition of God’s acts of service allows even children to understand and experience it. Each person is enabled by God to grow closer in fellowship with Him through communion’s initiation and fulfillment.

Initially, twelve men were chosen by God to share an intimacy with Jesus sufficient for enabling them, once empowered by God the Holy Spirit, to become Jesus’ Body on Earth in His absence. In sharing knowledge of Jesus, they shared far more. The intimacy of communion with God that Jesus Himself shared with them through His ministering to them and to others. Ministering the Truth through the remembrance of communion generates greater communion and, hence, greater remembrance.

By nurturing the work that was initiated by God the Father through Jesus, the Body grows, empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the Church. Growing from the life of God within, the Body of Believers comes together in increasing remembrance of Jesus and in increasing communion with Jesus, uniting the Body in Oneness with God and each other at ever-deepening levels.

In retelling God’s Story through remembrance and communion, peace comes in knowing that the Story is right (as it should be) and that the Story is just (as it must be) from beginning to end. The Story is authored by the Righteous and Just One:  the Creator of ever-increasing Family intimacy through the personal acts of communion of remembrance. In that, we rejoice forever in and for our unending Story:  Jesus.

from The Life of the Cross, 2020

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