A Child of God


I am a Child of The God Most High, Created in His Image,

Adorned with The Riches of my Inheritance in His Kingdom.

I have been Redeemed by the Life, Death, and Resurrection of The King;

Washed Clean by The Blood of The Lamb;

and Cloaked in The Royal Robe of Righteousness by The Most-High Priest.

 I have been Delivered out of the land of the enemy by The Lord of Hosts,

Set Free by Truth through The Power of God’s Word.

I have been Baptized by The Holy Spirit, who lives in me,

into The Blessings and Promises of God Almighty,

Adopted by Faith into The Family of Abraham.

 I have been Grafted Permanently into The One True and Living Vine,

Sustained by Its Living Waters.

I am a Living Branch, forever Entwined and made One with The Body of Christ.

The Tree of Life grows within me and I Flourish under Its Healing Leaves.

I Abide forever in my Father’s House

In The Place that He has Prepared for me alone,

Sheltered by the Shadow of His Wing.

I Sup at The Sufficiency of His Table, Nourished by The Bread of Life.

I am Shepherded into Peace and Bathed in Love,

by The Light of The Son and The Glory of The Lord,

Strengthened by The Rock that Upholds me.

I have Passed through The One True Gate, under The Banner of The Lord,

into Resurrection and Life Everlasting.

I am Sanctified, as I Worship The Holy One:

The Self-Existent Creator and Sustainer Who sees Me –

The God Who is Always There—right Here, Eternally Providing for my every need:

My Father!

 I Am a Child of The Great “I AM”


by Cathy Scott
From The Healing of the Cross, 
© 2009

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