Origin of Cover Design for Books

While I sat in our living room typing The Life of the Cross, the first of The Cross Series of books, a dense fog obscured the sixty-mile view from the living room windows of our mountain home. At one point, I looked up to discover that the fog had completely lifted to form a high cloud covering. Against that backdrop,  three small clouds distinctly hung in midair right in the center of my field of vision. A short vertical cloud and a shorter horizontal cloud formed a perfectly proportioned cross. A third puffy cloud, the smallest of the three, was sitting just above the upper left quadrant of the cloud-cross. Immediately upon seeing that smallest cloud, II somehow knew that it was a crown. Together, the three clouds, briefly forming a Cross and a Crown, provided the cover design for the books that I have written. I thank God for the unexpected gift!

I only had time to pick up a small point-and-shoot camera that was nearby and snap three quick photos before the three clouds simply evaporated and were gone. I have edited the best of those photos, making it darker and using a denim filter to try to enhance the photo. The cross and crown clouds that I have outlined are not as large as they appear, but look fo be that large in comparison to the cloud cover that is a much greater distance away. In the foreground are the tops of trees that are located on the downhill side of our property. The remainder of the ground that can be seen between the treetops and the horizon, which is 50-60+ miles away, is anywhere from possibly 500-1,000 feet lower elevation than is our living room from where the photo was taken.