by Sue Ceravolo

I have a friend who has an incredible ability to experience God’s Presence in everything around her. . . she sees it. One day when she, another good friend, and I were together she was sharing the experience of increasingly seeing triple digits in her life. They would appear as she would go through her day on the clock (1:11), microwave (5:55), date (2/22), page numbers (777), you name it . She came to believe that this is a sign from God of his reality. That this is a sign that God is with her right now. I must tell you that this person is a dear friend whom I know quite well. I must also tell you that I believe, with all of my heart, in the reality of God’s Presence always. I do see evidence of His love and care in my life, but I had never experienced it as a sign such as numbers!

Admittedly, perhaps with a bit of doubt about my friend’s conclusion, I thought about this as I went through my day. Later that afternoon I stopped to fill my car up with gas. As I was leaning against my car with my back to the gas pump waiting for it to click off, I asked God if He could do “doubles” at the gas pump. For some reason I had been thinking that my friend’s repeated numbers were showing up in doubles, not triples. The pump clicked, and when I turned to look at the amount it was $19.19! Oh, God is so good! What an affirmation to me that He knows and loves me every minute of every day!

God has not let me in on this regular sighting of triple-digit numbers that my friend, and even our other good friend that was with us the day we talked about it, see. However, It is not uncommon for me to get a text referencing these triple-digit sitings that show up on a timestamp or a receipt from one of my friends or the other. Maybe I’m not paying careful enough attention, but it doesn’t matter. I know God is using whatever happens in my life to draw me closer to Him. He does for me what I can’t do for myself in exactly the way He intends it. One way He strengthens me is by giving me friends that seek Him and depend on Him in good times and bad. These friends, as it turns out, are doubles in themselves . . . they’re names are Cathy and Cathy!

He gave me doubles . . . just because I asked.


[NOTE:  As I (Cathy Scott) pasted Sue’s story onto a page of my website in preparation for posting it online, I “HAPPENED” to see the time-stamp at the bottom of the page:

“Draft saved at 3:37:33 pm. Last edited by Cathy_ on April 21, 2020 at 3:33 pm.” ]

God is here, interacting with all of us.
See and believe. . .  and praise God on all counts!


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