My Superbook Testimony Story

In December 2013, I had an opportunity one day to spend a couple of hours watching two of our grandsons. At the time when the event of this story occurred, the older boy was nine-years-old and the younger one was only seven.

My husband and I were staying in a large, rental home near Disneyworld, Florida that week with our two sons and their families, and we were having a great time together.

But after nearly a week of getting started early and staying late at the parks we were ready for a little rest and decided to take an afternoon off. That was the decision that proved to be a life-changer for the younger of the two brothers.

 Both boys chose to stay with me at the rental home that day while the rest of our family went off in several different directions to shop, etc. But the boys wanted to watch some of their favorite Superbook DVD episodes that they had brought with them from home. So that’s what the three of us were doing when the older of the two stopped singing the Salvation Song that is at the end of every episode, called his brother’s name to get his brother’s attention, and then asked his brother an important question. “Hey, (name), have you ever prayed and asked Jesus to save you?” When the younger boy then shook his head in the negative, his older brother added, “You need to do that. It’s important.”

So, without any further discussion, the younger one got up off the floor and walked the few feet to where I had been sitting. With his head bowed and a smile on his face, he leaned against me and affirmed that he wanted to pray. I said a few simple sentences that he repeated, one at a time, as I led him in a very simple prayer of salvation. Never in this life have I ever anticipated being honored so greatly by God, as I felt at that moment, watching one brother lead another one to say a life-giving prayer of eternal salvation.

Cathy S. Scott

[My testimony above was read this morning by my husband in a discussion of “How to Share Your Faith with Your Kids” (Grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc.) at the Big Canoe Chapel Men’s Fellowship Breakfast that highlighted the effectiveness of the CBN Superbook Project in bringing Biblical Truth and eternal salvation to, literally, millions worldwide.]

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