There is but a moment to open our eyes
To face the pains that are buried inside,
To uncover their roots in our hearts so deep,
To let go of wrongs that hinder peace.

There is but a moment to open our ears,
To hear the cries of another’s tears,
To act in compassion born to sufferers,
To echo our own nighttime fears in their darkness.

There is but a moment to receive the Truth,
To let go of lies that we accepted as youth,
To ask for forgiveness, on bended knees,
To confess dependence, as babes in need.

There is but a moment to step toward God,
To fall face down, with one humbled nod,
To be set free from inherent sin,
To be raised up by the right Spirit within.

There is but a moment to worship in praise,
To live so deeply grateful that we always give thanks,
To shout, “Hallelujah!” with angels who sing,
To give glory to God, with God’s blessed saints.

There is but a moment to serve our Lord,
To point to the Light of God in our world,
To look beyond the wisdom we feign,
To exalt, by design, our King who reigns. 

In a fleeting moment, we must take a stand
To carry Christ’s Cross or to drive nails in Christ’s Hands.
We make a decision,  choosing life or death–
Not Christ’s, but ours, in the time of each breath.

The moment comes, and then it is gone,
Full of regret or the good that’s been done.
To ourselves or our God, in each moment we bow,
But we never see it coming, for the moment is now.

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”
(Galatians 5:25)

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Virginia Nickerson on January 25, 2013, at 12:29 pm said:
“You have a true gift for writing and spreading God’s message. You are so using your talents.”