Holy Spirit

Personal takeaways following completion of The God I Never Knewstudy by Robert Morris:

The Holy Spirit is a Person (Being) of the One and Only Triune God.

  • God (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) is eternally complete in Himself. He is without void…
  • He thinks with total knowledge, feels with total understanding and makes free will decisions with total wisdom. He cannot err ever in thought, word or deed. He is unending perfection…

God (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) is unadulterated, Self-governing good will.

  • He is pure, holy, untainted. He has no dark side. No evil comes from Him because no evil exists in Him. His every thought, word and deed is not only good, but best for all for beyond all time…
  • The totality of His goodness is perfectly perfecting all. In goodness, we are made to be exactly what we are: receptacles in need of continual filling of, by and with His eternal goodness…

God (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) is unqualified, Self-empowering greatness.

  • He is more than capable of enacting the totality of His absolute good will without hindrance…
  • As He so empowers Himself, so is His every word and deed also empowered unfailingly from within…

God (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) is eternal Unity.

  • Always One within Himself, He always has been and always will exist in single minded fellowship. Relationship centered, He has made each of us in His image, His likeness—like Him, able to enjoy ever-perfecting fellowship that He not only has always known, but forever Himself is…
  • He who desired us, planned us and formed us can’t get enough of us. He will never tire of drawing us closer to Him in greater intimacy, holding us closer, increasing our trust in Him…

God (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) is life itself.

  • He gives (offers) life by giving (offering) Himself to one and all: God for us, God with us, God in us…
  • He extends Himself—His life—in various ways that together provide all around more abundant life for all. The more open that we are to receiving more of His life—Him, His Person, His Being, the greater is the reality of His abundance that we come to know personally here and now in this world…

God (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) is ever-victorious.

  • He is always moving forward, never backing down, but righteously building up all that is godly…
  • He is revealing ever more His sovereign dominion over all, even us—His growing Kingdom, as He leads and enables us in the making of our free will decisions to be emptied of ourselves and filled with His Presence, now and forever more…

I Am a Disciple

I am now a Disciple, for I answered the call
of my Lord, my God, my Savior,  my All.

I have willingly turned my back on my past,
forgiving and loving from the first to the last.

I listen and follow as I worship and pray,
and He gives me power for every new day.

He teaches, He heals and He sets people free.
O Lord, you do all of that saving me!

I wonder and muse, now that I am that woman or man,
who lives in the Kingdom that is now at hand,

That I cast out demons, that I lay on my hands,
that the sick really recover by God’s Holy Plan;

That I live in the Hope that was given to me,
when He carried the Cross, when He hung on the Tree.

He poured out His Blood, I couldn’t ask any more.
He showed me the Way, He opened the Door.

It was my choice alone, and I chose to walk in,
not to stand on the outside with scoffers who grin.

For I saw the Light of the Empty Tomb shine
on Christ in God’s Glory for eternal time.

God did what He did:  He rolled back the Stone,
so that I live without doubt, so I am never alone.

I now do as Christ does, setting all others free,
for the Lord now lives in me…

Empowering me to freely give,
as I freely believe and receive.

from The Power of the Cross ©  2011
revised 2014
by Cathy Scott