Bible Connections

bible-clip-art-9The writings listed in this section do what the name says:  They make connections between Biblical truths that strengthen our knowledge of our connection to God and to one another.

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Addendum:  This morning (5/14/2015), as I lay in bed for a couple of hours having awake time with God before rising, “Connections” —the title of this section—began occurring in my mind regarding the articles that are already posted here, as well as one more that is in midstream of being written. I could see God weaving the points of the articles together, revealing more details of the “Big Picture.” Each new connection created greater understanding.

Creating is what God does, and He is creating in totality from what appears to us at times to be separate, disjointed events that are in fact interconnecting pieces. It is so much fun, so exciting, to suddenly “see” more of God’s completeness as He makes connections for us through new revelation.

This website, with its writings, is itself but one of God’s uncountable connecting devices (creations) that enables testimony and insight to be shared, strengthening awareness of interconnecting bonds. We will just have to wait and see what more God has in mind for it, for, along the line of thought that comes from a comment once made by Mother Theresa, “I am but the pencil. God is the One doing the writing.”

In the end, we all have but one story to tell, and that story is continuing to unfurl right here and right now, as we are each enabled by God to live out our separate parts within it, together as one in Christ.