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Cathy S. Scott

Cathy S. Scott was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Baldwin High School, she went on to attend North Carolina State University, where she majored in math and physics… and where she met her then future-husband, Keith, who was her summer Freshman Orientation leader. (See: The Lesson of the Parting). After marrying and moving to Kingsport, TN a couple of years later, Cathy completed a BS degree in Mathematics at East Tennessee State University. Then, at a later time, she also received an  MS in Education from the University of South Carolina.

Cathy taught math and science at Lexington High School in Lexington, SC, where her selection as the school’s Teacher of the Year in 1994, led to her selection as the 1995 South Carolina State Teacher of the Year. Following her term commitment, Cathy was joined fulltime by her younger son and part-time by her older son, in the opportunity afforded them by her husband’s career, to live on the southern coast of Spain for two years. Then in 1997, when Cathy and her family returned to the U.S.A., they moved back into their home in Lexington, SC, where they remained until after both sons had become Clemson graduates, married to other Clemson graduates. Then, in 2004, at the time of her husband’s retirement, Cathy and her husband moved to the north Georgia mountains (See “Home,” The Promise of the Cross, p. 75).

Today, Cathy and her husband continue to live in the north Georgia and South Carolina Upstate area, enjoying spending time with family and ministering with friends to others’ needs. She and her husband are grateful that their sons, daughter-in-law, and four grandsons are all blessed to personally know Christ Jesus as Savior.


That mountain setting, to God’s greater glory, is the place that was chosen by God to deliver the seven books of The Cross Series into this world . . . [more coming]



“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1a)

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