Ch. 5 – The Miraculous

For some time, I had been starting my days with devotions that included specific Bible readings. I had been reading through the Bible systematically following advice that I had heard from several sources. I would read one chapter of Proverbs, several Psalms and then a few chapters in a given book of the Bible that I was working my way through. Additionally, I would try to include a reading from a daily devotional book. The system is good. Given sufficient time, it leads the reader through the Bible, developing disciplined study habits. But despite my regular use of the system, I was not seeing the change in me that I sought.

Neither did my prayer life seem to be very effective either. After I had finished reading the Bible each morning, I would allow ample time to pray. Rarely, though, did my prayers take much of the time that I had allotted for them. Though long prayers aren’t necessarily better prayers than short ones, my prayers tended to be short because I basically did not know how or what to pray, and that wasn’t good by any measure. I also had little understanding at that time of the two-way nature of prayer. Therefore I wasn’t giving God much of a chance to actually have a conversation with me. 

Then, in April 2006, that all changed when my husband and I attended a CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) retreat in Virginia Beach. There we learned about CBN’s worldwide outreach and had opportunities to pray for others’ needs. Prior to the beginning of one prayer session, a fellow attendee, who had become aware of my healing need, had saved seats for my husband and me in the front row of the banquet-sized room. Though I truly had no desire whatsoever to sit up front, where everyone in the room would be able to see me shaking, I really didn’t feel that I had much of a choice in the matter. I couldn’t bring myself to turn down the woman’s offer when she had obviously gone out of her way to save those seats just for my husband and me. So I sat through the session in the very first row, in one of the most visible seats in the room, instead of hiding out on the back row, where I typically would have sat myself down. 

At some point in the session, my body began to shake.  By the time that the session was nearing completion, the shaking was sufficiently pronounced, leading a prayer team to be sent over to pray for me, which they then did.

But in the middle of the prayer, I had a surprising thing happen. While my eyes were closed during the prayer, I suddenly “saw” a flash of light so bright that my body automatically reeled backward and my eyes flew open. In taking a quick look around, I realized that all of the people who had been praying for me still had their heads bowed and their eyes were still closed. The prayer itself was still in progress. So I closed my eyes again while the team and others kept praying.

But immediately upon the prayer being finished, my husband put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around to face him. Before I could tell him about the flash of light that I’d seen, he blurted out his own news. While I saw the bright flash of light, he had seen a large cross on the stage where the session’s leaders had been.

My heart knew that something big had just happened and that it must have involved God. My brain, though, seemed unable to find an anchor point—a part of the experiences that would logically connect what had happened to something that we understood. While my husband went on to the next session, I was unwilling to leave the place where I knew “it” had happened. So I found a seat in the hallway and made myself comfortable.

As I was sitting there, I suddenly realized that my nose was detecting some kind of scent.  For me, that was a big deal. Often with the onset of PD, one of the first things to go is the sense of smell, and that had happened in my case. Then, as my husband and I were walking down to dinner that evening, my husband suddenly stopped and looked at me with surprise. “You aren’t shuffling!” he said. He was right; I wasn’t. One of the first noticeable PD symptoms that I had acquired was with regard to a weakness that caused my left toes to curl up and my left foot to shuffle as I walked. That night my foot didn’t shuffle and my toes were uncurled.

How I would like to be able to tell you that the PD itself totally left me that day, but it didn’t. When we returned home a couple of days later, the disease was still present. But at the same time, I knew that God was doing some kind of work in me, I just didn’t know what it was that He was doing. I did, however, receive a miracle. I had seen “the light,” and no one would ever be able to convince me that I hadn’t. 

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ADDENDUM:  After attending the CBN conference, my husband and I attended three more faith conferences that were put together by other ministries over the next year. Below are tables that have been compiled to summarize some of my experiences that occurred at those conferences and at home.]

 TIME/PLACE                    EVENT


April 2006

CBN Retreat,

Virginia Beach, VA

We “saw” a blinding light and a cross in prayer.

My sense of smell returned, my left toes uncurled and my left foot no longer shuffled.

The ability to sleep all night returned that night.

My medication needs were reduced.


November 2006

Randy Clark Conference

Hershey, PA





My desire to know Jesus became greater than my desire to be healed. Do not underestimate the importance of this event!

A dark-skinned woman in full regal dress, including a brightly colored turban, came to me in the back of the room prior to the beginning of one of the conference sessions. I was sitting alone along the left-hand aisle, and she asked if she could pray for me. In a strong foreign accent, she said that God had healed her completely from AIDS before quietly praying for me. She then looked at me, as her hand lay atop mine, and said that it was okay for me to touch people while praying for them. God had my number. I had been allowing the embarrassment of shaking to keep me from doing the things that God wanted me to do, including touching and praying for other people. Sorrow poured out of me. The woman headed back to the front of the room, and I looked away for a split second. As I looked back up, I couldn’t find her. The door was in the back of the room and the room was not yet crowded. And that was quite a turban that she was wearing. I looked for her the remainder of the evening, but I never did find her. Was she an angel? Yes, one way or another for she delivered God’s message, and I was changed.





Without going into the specifics, I was set free and delivered from a number of things. Suffice it to say that we all carry around a lot of emotional baggage, which can be quite a burden to the people in our lives, as well as to us. Until we take our pains and scars to the Cross and give them to Jesus, we are under their control. Jesus came to set the captives free, and captives are not just other people. They are you and I, too. The deliverance process was much like peeling an onion of the unwanted layers –-lots of layers. Sometimes we have lived with something for so long that we just believe it to be who we are. We think that we can’t change. But, that is a lie. Jesus instructed us to live by the Fruit of the Spirit, which means that our old ways must go. If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive them. But, not only does He forgive them, but He also removes them. That includes our wrong feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. We just have to release them to Him and let Him take them. If we have not been disposing of them regularly at the Cross, then we probably have quite an accumulation of anger, resentment, fears, and anxieties without being aware of them all. Much to my surprise, I discovered that I did. The process would take prayer and revelations from God, over much time to complete, but it began here.

I was prayed over for healing, specifically for strength, endurance, and control. The endurance came. From this time on, I no longer needed to take two or three naps a day.


At the conclusion of the Christmas Eve service, communion was being served. As the minister prepared us to receive communion, he prayed, asking God for a number of things. The last thing that he asked God to provide for us was strength. I thought to myself (in exasperation), “Not strength. I’ve been praying for strength. I need to be healed!” God in His infinite wisdom must also at times find our incorrect thinking to be amusing. As I was sitting back down after receiving communion, I suddenly heard (and I mean heard), not a quiet little voice inside me, but a booming voice say, “You have been made strong through Christ Jesus.” It was an unforgettable and humbling moment. I awoke Christmas morning remembering something that I had forgotten to do. Un-medicated, I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs, took care of the item and ran back upstairs. I then realized that I had been made physically strong through Christ Jesus.  Spiritual strength, also, would be realized later.

January 2007

Lakewood Church

Houston, Texas

During a short trip to Houston, my husband and I attended Sunday morning worship at Lakewood Church, where Joel Osteen ministers. Between the initial worship music and the sermon, there was a time for individuals who needed prayer to come to the front and receive prayer from a member of their team. I went forward and was motioned by the usher over to a man who asked what I needed. I briefly told him. As he prayed, I could barely hear him in the midst of the music and singing. But I heard him suddenly ask for release from rigidity. At that moment, every muscle in my body relaxed. At the initial writing of this book, I have never again had the level of rigidity that I had prior to that day.



January 2007 Randy Clark School Lexington, SC 

During this conference, I was sitting in the auditorium in an aisle seat talking to my husband and another individual. A woman walked by on her way to her seat. Suddenly she stopped and came back to where I was sitting. She introduced herself and explained that as she walked past me she had a word of knowledge from God about a pain that I had. She was very specific and she was very right. If God didn’t have my attention from the earlier events, He certainly did now. No one in this world knew about that pain, not even my husband. There comes a point in long-term illness when you’ve had enough, and you don’t want any more sickness, so I had not mentioned the condition to anyone. She held my hands and prayed quietly for healing. As we drove back to where we were staying that night, intense warmth filled that spot inside (not on the surface) of my body. I have no proof that God healed me that night, but I know that He did. The gift that night was one of faith for me. During this conference, people were not making lots of claims to specific individuals with the odds that one might be right. It was the only time that anyone approached me in that manner.


Something “big” happened the next morning as I awoke. I’m going to call the event a vision because it differed from both a dream and a  daydream. In the black and white vision, I was lying under the covers in a bed. Out a large picture window to my left, I saw a black sedan arrive and gangster type men in black suits get out. As they disappeared from view beneath the window, a large TV at the foot of the bed sounded a loud alarm and flashed lights. Then, in my actual body, I felt an electrical tingling sensation begin at my feet and proceed along the exterior of my body until it reached the top of my head as if I were being completely encased. God was telling me that I was “alarmed and protected.” Weeks later at home, I read a scripture verse about the seal of the Holy Spirit. I was elated to understand my gift.



June 2007


My home

I was re-watching a recorded 700 Club program that was months old. I was looking for a particular report on the recording, when suddenly I stopped and asked myself (out loud in the middle of my living room), “Wait a minute!  Did they say bent arm?” I stopped the recording and backed it up. Sure enough, that was exactly what they said. They were praying and had a word of knowledge about an arm that was bent being straightened out. Well, my left arm was bent at the elbow most of the time, so I claimed that word of knowledge for healing. I now have a much straighter arm.


July 2007


My home

 Very late at night, I was busy in the living room working on something now forgotten. The TV was on, and shows were coming and going, when the Hour of Healing show through Oral Roberts University came on. I heard them say that hip/leg joints were being healed. For years, I’d had a catch in my left hip joint. When I would do Pilates, my left leg would “catch” as I tried to pull my knee up toward my chest, and I would have to push the leg back out to release it. So when I heard their words, I said something simple like “I’ll take that,” without really paying much attention. I then remembered something that needed my attention, so I went upstairs, got a paper off the desk, and then I started back downstairs. On the first step back down, a strong pain suddenly entered my left hip joint, and I had to work to keep from yelling and waking my husband. As I hobbled down the steps grimacing, the pain diminished with each step. By the time I got to the bottom, there was no more pain. And when I tried to do the Pilates, there was no more catch in the joint. God is good.

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