Ch. 3 – The Progression

Less than two years later, my husband and I had packed up again and were off to a new home in a new state, as well as another new church. Then, within the next several years, our two sons were born, and we soon found ourselves doing our fair share of nursery duty at church. As our boys grew, we taught one children’s Sunday school class after another, progressing upward in age categories as our sons grew. We even took on the challenge of the pre-teen youth group one year, with an emphasis on one!

As the church that we were part of at that time had a lot of young families like ourselves, it wasn’t long before we were attending family night suppers at the church and making new church friends, some for life. At that time, my friends introduced me to the Young Mom’s monthly circle meeting, as well as occasionally inviting me to go with them to a short Bible study at a different neighborhood church. Our sons’ preschool years were years in which I was a stay-at-home mom, which enabled me to do those things. It also enabled me and my sons to be ablte to do something else that proved to be important. We started to tune into Christian faith television—in particular, CBN’s (Christian Broadcasting Network) “Superbook” program for children!

Never underestimate the value of small beginnings! In addition to the children’s program mentioned above, I was drawn to the “700 Club” and then to Marilyn Hickey’s television program. Unlike today, Christian programming was quite limited in our area at that time. Therefore, I am especially grateful for the programs that we did receive and the wide variety of ministerial work that those ministries were doing, even back then, giving us opportunities to help others worldwide.

Many years later my husband and I would come to live in an area that was truly blessed at that time by the provision of more than a dozen Christian television channels that aired b24/7. Today,  however, television “stations” are quite different than they were back then. Personally. I am glad, as well as grateful to God for giving us both Christian television and internet programming, for we desperately needed them. then, as others do now.

So far removed was I, even  then, from knowing the reality of the Truth of God that Jesus reveals, that these were my top three unanswered questions:

1) Why was it important that Jesus was God’s Son?
2) Why is “the Blood of Jesus” important?
3) Why was it important for Jesus to die on a cross?

The important thing wasn’t that I didn’t know the answers to those questions, but that that I wanted to know the answers. I wanted to know the Truth of God, and God in His mercy knew the best way to make that happen.

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