An All Scripture Devotional:

“The Words & The Prayers”  is the first writing that I ever did under God’s direction. That’s right:  the first words that I ever “wrote” with regard to the Christian faith were words that God had spoken and recorded in the Bible for our benefit. It is the center portion of my first book, The Life of the Cross, and is proceded in that book only by my personal testimony of the God-event experiences that led to the book being written.

“The Words & The Prayers” is comprised entirely of Scripture verses that I had underlined previously in reading through the Bible, and was then taken back to again by God in writing The Life of the Cross. Unfortunately, though, neither the first edition of the book in its entirety nor the pocket-sized edition of only “The Words & The Prayers” devotional that was later published separately are in print at this time. Therefore, this website is currently the devotional’s sole source of distribution., until I am able to finish their editing and have both books published.

Blessings in Christ,
Cathy Scott
December 28, 2019

[Ch. 1 – The Relationship