Opportunity awaits 40 times over . . .

to read and hear about some of what God is saying & doing in lives today. 
(latest site count: 12/13/2018)

Amazing how God chose to honor us, who are God-created beings
by enabling us, should we so choose the ability to glorify God:
the One & Only True God:  LORD God Jehovah
—Eternal, Almighty, Self-existent, Maker-Sustainer of biblical Creation–-
by speaking the 
Truth of God that God Himself has revealed as Truth to us,
we can do so by simply telling the facts to everyone who is willing to listen,
leading them to recognize their own God-experiences, by simply saying,

“This Is What Happened!”

Click left image to hear spoken& right image to read written words:
 word upon word…
truth upon truth…
testimony upon testimony…


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